07 March 2011

Catch-Up post, aka Fish Stew

Before the flour shenanigans of the weekend commenced, I tried a new recipe I found on Food Network Canada for Mediterranean fish stew and let me tell you, it was fantastic!

I made this Friday night and it was good then - the flavors really popped! The fresh fennel and orange zest were lively, interesting and oh so very tasty, but when we had the rest of it on Sunday, OH MY!

The flavors had time to really mingle, and simmering it for a couple of hours softened up the veggies very nicely and broke down the proteins in the fish so that all of the delicate qualities came together even more nicely than they did the first time around.

One thing I did differently Sunday was to use fresh cilantro and more fresh orange zest as a garnish, which added a whole new dimension to the already wonderful flavor. Kudos to Michael Smith on this lovely dish!

I also made fresh loaves of french bread to go with the stew, and for Sunday's meal with guests over, I made some fresh garlic butter to go with it...such an elegant touch and SO easy! All you need to do is let your butter get to room temp, then add fresh garlic and some fresh lemon zest and voila...your meal goes from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant!

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