10 March 2011

Quite the week

We've got quite a week of dining going on around here and I haven't cooked a single meal! I tried to think back to Monday and I can't seem to remember what we did for dinner but I'm pretty sure I haven't cooked since Sunday....

Tuesday I was at my mom's and she made a pot of Texas chili and served it up with some fresh cornbread...YUM! Wednesday we went to Rose of India for dinner. Mike is English and there was a meetup going on...not that we really need an excuse to go out for Indian food...it's a favorite!

mmmmm...Chicken Tikka Masala...

Tonight (Thursday) we're forced (get out your tiny violins) to go to
Cafe Lily in downtown Decatur...I know, such torture! but we have a groupon that expires TODAY! What else can we do?

Tomorrow night I'm staffing at the Shambhala Center so we'll probably grab a late bite after that, and as far as I know I'll be there all weekend as well...my kitchen is going to miss me (hopefully you and Mike will too)...

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