20 January 2011

Day three....curry round two

Greetings, gentle readers! I trust you all had a fabulous day today.

I wound up working much later than usual again today - funny how that works - as soon as you commit to a project interruptions seem to spontaneously arise almost immediately!

SO....once again, instead of my planned dinner - tonight's menu was to be salmon with roasted winter veggies and wilted greens - we had something else...left over curry from last night.

It actually worked out ok since we had company over for dinner - after almost everyone had seconds we still have some left.

The "real" good news, though, is that Kat brought over some very nicely ripened bananas and we've now got three loaves of banana pound cake in the oven - hooray for teamwork!

So as I sit at my computer typing, Mike is in the kitchen playing with the dogs, Kat is picking out notes on the piano, and her daughter Glenna is playing on the PS3...its actually very nice!

Ok - time to pay attention to my guests now ~ more tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. We had a wonderful time, as always, with you and Mike. For your readers..that curry was AMAZING.
    It was fun getting to bake with you (another hobby I'd forgotten I enjoy) We made a great team and thanks again for letting me bang away on the piano! I hope everyone's ears don't hurt today "too" much!
    Have fun tonight and love you both!