23 January 2011

A surprising twist?

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but when I'm not living ~ or at least imitating ~ the life of a domestic goddess, I love to play in the dirt! I'm not talking about gardening here, although I do have a container herb garden...I'm talking about getting outdoors and getting really dirty!

We don't actually own one of these - Razors, they're called - Mike and I have dirt bikes, but our friend does and what a blast I had today!

I passengered, of course, as it wasn't mine and I was entirely too intimidated by the staggering amount of MUD at the place we went to - I could almost open a day spa there and.....ok, that may be a topic for a future blog....but having never been there or driven one of these things before I was perfectly happy letting Bloke do all the work.

It was one of those rides where at times I thought my brain would be rattled right out of my skull, and the next I was smiling until my face hurt ~ it was spectacular!

I did have an amusing "domestic moment" when we stopped into the lodge for a bite of lunch...a man walked in with four boys, all probably between 12 and, say, 17, and all I could think was 'Boy am I glad I don't have to do their laundry!' They were all muddied from head to toe!

Suffice it to say that, apart from a bit of light reading today, I did nothing domestic whatsoever...but I don't feel bad about it...I've heard tell that even "you know-who" took Sundays off...

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